A visit to the Doctor

In order to get my one year visa for Romania, I had to get a certificate from a local doctor stating I was in good health. The certificate would then go to the Minister of Health in Bucharest.  The government wants to ensure I don’t keel over or have some contagious disease. 

So yesterday, Mihaela took me to her family doctor.  The doctor and Mihaela chatted for a moment then the doctor asked if I like Romania.  “Yes, I like it very much,” I replied in Romanian.  She asked my age and I told her.  She asked about my heart.  “Its fine.”  She asked if I had any problems.  “None.” And then she signed the certificate saying I was in good health.  I signed the registry book and we left.  That was the easiest physical ever.  It was a joke!  I have been told, when/if I am sick, the doctor will actually come out from behind her desk.  Just glad there wasn’t a charge.

Just another funny quirk in Romania.  I still love it, though!


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