Vacation Bible School

We had a great time at VBS this year.  About 50 different kids came over the course of the 4 lessons.  We had about 20 kids who came to everyone.  Many of the kids had to work with their parents cutting hay in the fields, watching over the sheep in the pastures, cutting wood in the forest, and tending to the gardens.  One child, Danut (pronounced Duh-noots) was allowed to come on Tuesday morning, but had he come, his father would have been all alone working in the family garden.  He choose to do the right thing instead of the fun thing and helped his father. He was able to come in the afternoon.   Danut took the final spot for our summer camp in two weeks. 

We did lots of activities and crafts with the kids.  The kids were always showing up early and leaving late.  They really enjoyed being the amazing team from PA and NC.  A specail thank you to the team: Debbie, Kathy, Shaun, Krista, Jocelyn, and Andy!  They had ceaseless energy with the kids.  They also did a ton of manual labor around the church in the village.  The pastor came and told us, he had been praying for someone to do this work.

Cristi, the budding photographer, tooks some amazing pictures and even took my camera home with him for the afternoon and captured some great shots that I would never have been able to get.  Last Summer, Cristi was planning on dropping out of school after the 8th grade and he wanted to go to England and work construction.  Well now, Cristi is going on to the 9th grade and will be in trade school where he will study to be a mechanic.

Thank you for your prayers for VBS.  Enjoy these pictures!

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