Children’s Day

In the US, we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day,  here in Romania they add Children’s Day.  June 1st was Children’s Day.  On June 2, the PULS Center had a little party for the children and their mothers.  It was a chance for some of the moms to visit with each other and find encouragement.  It was also an opportunity for the kids to play together and just get out of the house.  I lost count of the number of kids who came because they were always coming and going.  I had the kids draw picture in between eating cookies!  Each child was able to choose a gift from our prize box.  Some kids went for the practical school supplies and some went for the fun items and got balls, cars or dolls. It was great fun!  Here are some cute pictures of the kiddos!  (Just click to make the pictures bigger.)

2 Responses

  1. Kids’ day sounds fun!! The moms getting together chatting/supporting each other sounds like a future MOPS endeavor!! BTW, what does PULS stand for? We’re praying for you, Melissa!!

  2. PULS doesn’t actually stand for anything. Its the Romanian word for Pulse. It was just decided years ago that it looked better being in all caps!

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