After some sleep…

Well, I’ve gotten some sleep, although I can’t seem to fall asleep before 2am.  Its good to be back in Romania.  I did have to sign a paper stating I did not have Swine Flu in order to cross the boarder into Romania from Hungary.  In the Budapest Airport, there were heat detectors checking everyone for fevers.  You couldn’t get your luggage until you went through one.

Today, I got a cell phone.  This will be good; won’t have to get a home phone when I go to Suceava.  The new number is 011-40-771-734-216.  

Prayers have been answered.  There is a team of 3 ,who will be coming over to help with summer camp.  However, we need cheap plane tickets.  Please pray that we can find 3 cheap plane tickets so that the team can stay within budget! Its peak travel time so it will take a miracle to get cheap tickets.  But my God is really good at miracles, so I’m not worried.

Thank you for your prayer, emails and comments!

2 Responses

  1. I’m am so relieved that you have 3 people who want to go over there this summer. I’m glad it isn’t me! But I will pray pray pray! God will do everything! This is His ministry!

  2. Love you miss u and wish it were me coming over there! That sure is alot of numbers to have to dial to get you. I wonder how much it costs us to call?

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