All Over the Place

I’m sorry for the radio silence recently.  A lot has been going on.  I have spoken at a number of churches, including an underground church (didn’t know they had those in this country, did you?).  I’ve been setting up the new MBK computer and helping with paper work and packaging items to ship to Romania.

I helped out one Tuesday night at the Mennonite Central Committee.  We were canning turkey and tying quilts for disaster relief.  I didn’t actually can the turkey meat; I was drying the can so that they can be labels. Here is the link to that event: .  

The PULS Pregnancy Crisis Center in Romania has a sister center here in PA called Precious Life.   I represented MBK at their benefit dinner.  The keynote speaker was Melody Green, the widow of Keith Green.  What a great passion she has for the unborn!  Here is the link to Precious Life: and Melody Green:

I think my favorite part of the last couple of weeks was meeting a wonderful family and being invited into their home.  They were excommunicated from the Amish Church because they professed a personal relationship in Jesus Christ.  They read the Bible in English and are unashamed in their new life in Christ.  However, instead of leaving the area they stayed and although they face persecution, they are a light in their community. Pray for their continued commitment to the Lord!  They look Amish and live mostly in the same traditions, including no electricity, but they have a joy and a peace that others don’t have.  I learned so much about the Amish community.  Apparently, Harrison Ford hadn’t a clue!   I loved spending the night with the family and enjoyed going back this past weekend.  The young daughters loved taking pictures and like the kids in Romania, have an eye for finding the beautiful around them.  Enjoy the pictures:

Farming the land

Farming the land

Taking a walk.  Notice, I'm the only one in pants!

Taking a walk. Notice, I'm the only one in pants!

Oh, one last thing!! I have learned how to drive the manual transmission car!  I’ve even driven over some of the horribly scary mountain in the dark!   Thank you for your prayers.

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  1. Sounds like things are going well; especially with the stick shift! Joan told me how many boxes of clothes she sent there; she’s still collecting more. We had our care and share meeting last night and the Carters joined us. We spent some time praying for you at the end of the meeting. See you in May!

  2. Wow, you saw Melody Green speak? No way! Wow!!!

  3. Okay, gonna want some clarification on the Amish experience! I thought that Amish were believers?! You are in our thoughts and prayers.
    ❤ you!

  4. In response to Michelle’s comment: the Amish tend to believe that if you profess to be saved you are being pride full. Their salvation thought process was explained to me like this: you harness the horse, attach the buggy, and hope that you did a good enough job that you make it into town.

  5. hi melissa!

    what varied days and nights you have…”life in action”!!! i too thought amish were believers???? what hope is there without JESUS?

    got more MOPS stuff today…someone even brought a box of maternity clothes…i have not sorted thru yet…thought you’d be happy!

    continued prayers…


  6. It’s a common misconception that Amish are believers. I really think it has a lot to do with certain Christian authors that love to write about them, and people just assume all the characters are Christians. 🙂

    Like mdosborne said, they feel that knowing you are going to heaven is prideful, and they are very legalistic. (For instance, they can’t have phones in the house, but they’ve gotten around it by having phone booths on their property) I have a friend here that was shunned with her husband from the Amish church because of her trust in Christ!

    Mel- I’m guessing they don’t worry about pictures and making idol, either? 😛

    You sound so busy! I’m glad things are going well.

  7. Hey girl! You may be the only one in pants but that sure was a great looking jacket!!
    I feel a sadness about the Amish everytime I have have a lingering thought of them. I’m glad to here that Jesus hasn’t written them off and is moving among them offering peace and salvation. Anyway, blessings on you!!

  8. I was excited to get your link from Jerry. We can’t wait to follow your adventures.

  9. Great job on the stick shift, Melissa! You sound incredibly busy and a great ambassador for MBK and of course for the Lord, Jesus Christ!! Love you and miss you!

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