On the Radio

This morning, bright and early, I went along with MBK board member Dallas and his wife, Diane, to WJTL, a Christian radio station in Lancaster, PA.  We were promoting 1st Picnic Lancaster,  a fundraiser for MBK.  Its crazy to be having a picnic when there is snow on the ground, but what a great way to celebrate what God has been doing for the people of Romania.  The picnic will be inside,(I know someone [Amber] will email me and ask if we will have the picnic in the snow).  I will tell you I’m so looking forward to having BBQ at the picnic.  I will judge to see if PA BBQ is as good as NC BBQ.  PA has a lot to compete with!

Ok, anyways,  we were on the radio 3 times between 7-8am.  We got to talk a bit about the ministry going on in Romania as well as advertise the picnic.    I’m including the link to the radio station. It was a really fun morning! Please pray that more people will come to the picnic and will get involved with MBK’s ministry in Romania because of the broadcast! www.wjtl.com

3 Responses

  1. picnics and BBQ and snow, oh my!!

  2. Melissa on the radio! Did you want to bust out in song? The frozen Lake Erie is so beautiful; you and Gabe adorable. I want to hear the BBQ report.

    Pray for Rebecc Bartz and her family in MN…if you haven’t heard, her dad was in an accident and is on life support…please pray!!

    Love you.

  3. eat some of that paBBQ for me please…i miss it!!!

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