Prayer for the road

Tomorrow, I will be starting 2 weeks of traveling.  My first stop will be in Ohio.  I’m very excited because I will get to visit Brian and Candice and play with the babies!  I’ll be speaking at some churches and Christians schools near them.  I’ll also be going to the Columbus area to speak at a church.  Aunt Pat is in Columbus, so I’ll get a chance to see her and Steve too!

Next its off to training in Virginia for 3 days and then I race up to Lancaster, PA for “1st Picnic Lancaster,” a fundraiser for MBK. 

It should be a busy couple of weeks, but good.  I’m looking forward to it.  And for those wondering if I will taking the manual transmittion…that would be a no.  I’m still not very comfortable with it and I do want to arrive in one piece. 

Please pray for safe travels as well as good talks at all the churches and schools.  Pray that God will be glorified and that support will continue to come through for MBK and the children in Stroiesti.

Thank you!!

8 Responses

  1. We’re so excited to have you! From one Amish country to the next, right? 😛

    I’m glad it will work out for you to get an automatic transmission for the trip – that makes me feel better, too.

  2. What do you have to do for the fund raiser in Lancaster? Where did the automatic come from? –love Amber

  3. The reason you haven’t conquered the 5 speed yet is because you haven’t had me as a teacher yet. As conceited as it sounds I believe it to be the truth 😀

  4. If God had meant us to drive manual transmission why did he invent automatic transmission? Hang tough kid you will learn

  5. We’re praying for you! Have fun…you’re a very good speaker! Love you!

  6. Miss the craziness already! Praying for the Lord to do miraculous things! He is so good! LUV U!

  7. Oh Yeh! The internet services are working finally we think in rural Roxbury! I’ll keep you updated!

  8. you know i’m praying for you & your intentions everyday…update from NC~~ j. spoke at Mass last night & the lenten drive for romania is on!! woo hoo!!!

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