To Suceava/Stroiesti

Tomorrow, I’m off to Suceava on the much loved 10 hour train.  Its a great excuse to spend hours reading a book , after I complete my homework and learn my words, of course :-).  The plan,  subject to change, is to go to the village on Saturday.  I have 2 packs of baby supplies for the 2 baby girls I saw last trip. These packs were made up by the ladies at the PULS center.  I also found some toddler socks and sweaters and will give those to one of the brothers.  I will also be inviting the children to come to church the next day and to a Christmas celebration on Dec 27.  Sunday, the plan is to teach the children “Away in a Manger” in Romanian. I was going to explain to them that “Little Lord Jesus” is not so little, but that line isn’t in the Romanian version; but I hope to still get the message across.   We will also start the Christmas story.  I have a Romanian Bible for the kids to read from and some work sheets for them. 

I looked at the weather report and the high is 33′ all weekend.  Please pray for warm houses for all the people in the village who rely on wood stoves. 

Please pray for safe travels,  good visits, and wise words to speak to the children! I hope you have a great weekend, and I look forward to posting new pictures next week.

2 Responses

  1. Still praying for you!

  2. Hey, I have old christmas card cut outs. Could you use those for your crafts?

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