Two Holidays in One Week

Last Monday was Ziua Nationala or National Day here in Romania.  Romanians celebrate the day in 1918 ,when the country was united as one.  Here is a link for those of you who want more information: .  During Communist times, National Day was celebrated on Aug 23, remembering the day Romania was liberated from the Nazis.  Its has since been changed (back?) to Dec. 1.

In Oradea, there was a parade, but I missed it.  I did hear from a very reliable 2 year old that there were soldiers and horses, so it must have been great.  There were Romanian flags everywhere around town.  The day was actually warmish and it was very pretty out.  I met with a friend from church and we wandered around the 1 decembrie park. I will try to remember to take my camera into town to take some pictures.  In the mean time, here is a picture I found on line of wreaths being laid at the statue in the city center.

IMG_4314 by presalibera.

Friday, December 5, the children of Romania and much of Europe put their shoes out before going to bed. December 6 is Mos Nicolae day or St. Nicholas Day.  St. Nicholas puts gifts in the children’s shoes, usually sweets to the good children and sticks to the bad children. (St. Nicholas is not the same as Santa Clause/Mos Craciun who comes for Christmas). Now everyone gets beautifully decorated sticks.  I went to get a stick on Saturday morning, but it was raining and I couldn’t find anyone selling them; the night before everyone was selling them.  I learned my lesson (I hope!) Here is a web site with some traditional Romanian Icons of St. Nicholas:

Here is a picture of a very cute 2 year old (the same one mentioned above) with his stick from Mos Nicolae!

mos nicolae

And here is a clearer picture of the stick.  There were all sorts of different ones, including ones with bells and Santa heads.  They were really neat.  I’ll have to get some next year!


As far as I know, there are no holidays this week.   But please pray for wisdom and guidance as we prepare for Christmas.  Lord willing, I will travel on Friday to Stroiesti village to meet with the children and follow up on some things from last time.  I will also have the opportunity to work with a local couple who have been doing some outreach in the village. Please pray for God’s glory to be revealed this weekend.

2 Responses

  1. 2 holidays in one week is a bit much to handle. I have a hard time with Thanksgiving and Christmas being a month apart. Hope you are building up the body of Christ and being blessed at the same time. I pray for you everyday.

  2. you know the prayers are coming your way (for this & for the language too!).

    it was fantastic to hear your voice last week! andy & i are off to costa rica on thurs. to meet up with c. at the end of her semester abroad. she is praying for you too!

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